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Fix: No jvm installation found please install a 64-bit jdk

Oliver Krautscheid Feb 17, 2015
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Recently I came across this error when trying to develop an Android app: no jvm installation found please install a 64-bit jdk. Here’s the fix

Why Does This Error Happen

I installed my JDK in D:\JDK because of limited disk space on my SSD on C: – that’s why Android Studio has problems locating the correct path.

No Jvm Installation Found Please Install 64 Bit Jdk.png

Step 1: Locate JDK

1. Find your JDK installation path.

2. Copy the path or remember it

Step 2: Adding System Environment Variable

1. Open your search and enter “environment”. On Windows 8 you may have to search for “Everything”. If you still don’t find it, open the Control Panel, open System, go to System Properties (Advanced) and at the very bottom you will find the environment variables button:

System Environment Variables.png

2. Next, click on New… and enter it like this:

Java Home System Environment.png

3. Go back to your Android Studio installation e.g. D:\Android-Studio\bin

4. Within the bin folder, double-click the studio64.exe

Studio64 Exe.png

Step 3: Continue Development

You can now properly open Android Studio and import code samples or create an entirely new project.

Start A New Android Project.png

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