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Basic YouTube Traffic Generation Methods And Why A Strong Call To Action Is Important

Keith Lock Apr 17, 2013
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One way to attract visitors to your web site is from social properties on the Internet. A YouTube channel now falls into that category. There are approaches to get traffic to a YouTube video, and some to bring visitors from the video to a web site.

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The basics

We could think of standard web page SEO when we add a video to YouTube. This approach can make the video watch page stand out in the Internet search results, like any other page on the web. However, being that there is a video integrated onto the YouTube video watch page, the search engines, and social web, pick up the video and show a video thumbnail in the results, making it stand out a lot more.

Social sites will even allow the video to be played from within the social site. Embedding any YouTube video into a web page on your own site can allow for the same thing (a video thumbnail in the search results, and an embedded video in the social site). The process involves including open graph video tags and a video site map, but that is the topic for another article, but worth checking out if video is your “thing.”

Leveraging the authority of YouTube

Here are the standard SEO methods that apply to videos: including a targeted keyword in the title, perhaps in the tags (mixed results) as well, and in a 300+ word description, and also promoting the video with backlinks and embeds. We also have other means for driving traffic from a YouTube video to a web site, and I’m not talking about just including the URL (with the http(s) part) at the beginning of the description. That should be a given by now.

A strong, and multi, call to action is valuable – You can initiate a call to action at the beginning of a video (hint on what to expect), and sometimes even include one in the title of the video when appropriate. At the end of the video, you could include a sub-video with you just talking to the camera asking the viewer to take action. Be very specific and simplify exactly what you want them to do.

Keep in mind that the video can be being watched within YouTube (where you know the surroundings and layout), on your own site (where you most likely have control of the surroundings), and on other people’s sites (where you won’t have control likely), so be sure to garner your message with that in mind. In other words, don’t just say “click the link below,” but perhaps say “if you are watching this video on YouTube, click the link in the description below, or visit WebSite.com.” Then be sure to display the URL in the video as well.

Of course, also include a call to action at the beginning of the video’s description. Also, include a free Call-to-Action overlay in the video if possible. Audio extraction, and transcription of the video produces extra content that can be shared across the web and linked back to the original video, and also embedded within your site. There are some free, open-source tools that will extract audio, but your best bet for the transcription is to have a human do it for the best results.

In conclusion

Treat YouTube like any other social channel. Engage with the “crowd,” provide value always, and post and share content regularly.

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