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5 Top Article Directories That Still Work

Oliver Krautscheid Apr 24, 2013
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In the midst of Google’s ongoing SPAM escapades that involve the attack of zoo animals on certain questionable article platforms and content sites, one might wonder whether writing articles can still have a positive impact on a site’s validity and visibility. The answer to that question is simply, yes. As long as the content is unique, informative and interesting to its audience you don’t have to worry about any Panda or Penguin getting in the way of its productivity. There will always be a place for high quality articles that offer search engines as well as the online community value.

Article Directories

Article marketing is far from dead and there are still many article directories that allow you to submit articles to their site in order to build credibility, drive traffic and establish quality back links. Below are top article directories that still work and have managed to keep SPAM out as well as stay on Google’s good side.

1 The Obvious Choice: Ezine Articles


Ezine Articles.png

It still holds a very high standard for its publishers and content that is submitted goes through a thorough evaluation which helps to filter out irrelevant, low quality and duplicated content. Its online presence has been strong for over a decade and quality control is something that contributes to its long standing success and status as an authority site.

2 Popular Pick: Go Articles


Despite being affected by recent Google updates, it still ranks high up on the charts of article directories and continues to provide its publishers a solid platform for quality content that can help to increase personal sites’ traffic and page ranks. Over 10,000 submissions are being made every week to this high page ranking article directory.

3 Our Top Pick: HubPages



It’s not your conventional article directory; it so much more than that and provides its contributors with an active community of writers and readers. They do allow “do follow” links but only when you obtain the required Profile Level which is done by consistent submission of high-quality articles. This helps to discourage and prevent SPAM from appearing on their site.

4 Triond



Triond creates diverse and good quality backlinks to its publisher’s site by publishing on one of its several blog and website networks. The sites on which your content are published on have decent to excellent page ranks which really helps to establish quality backlinks that have merit with popular search engines such as Google. Triond also provides its publishers with ways to earn revenue with the content they provide.

5 Article Rich



They may not be as well known as big names such as Ezine Articles or HubPages, but Article Rich is still quite popular with the writing community. It has built a loyal following of writers and readers over the years which plays a role in it high page rank. Up to two “do follow” links are allowed within the body of the article and up to three in your signature or resource box.

Other honorable mentions include:

  • Amazines
  • SooperArticles
  • Article Base
  • Gather
  • Article Trader
  • Article Biz
  • Article Alley
  • Ezine Mark


Check out these and many other article directories online for a place where you can submit good, unique content in exchange for quality backlinks and traffic that’ll help your site climb the ladder to first page ranking and success.

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