When you’re going through the various options for social media management, the two management softwares that you’re bound to hear about are HootSuite and Sprout Social. Both of them have their ups and downs, and while there is a significant difference in cost a lot of people are wondering, is Sprout Social better than HootSuite? Let’s assess this and find out.

What Are The Key Features of Sprout Social?


Sprout Social was made with the corporations needs in mind. While both programs offer multi-user access, Sprout Social makes it much easier to manage on a per-user basis and overall, the organization of users is much more streamlined. However, we’re not just in this for users, so let’s go over some of these features.

  • Great interface
  • Very specific graphical and statistical data (age, gender, engagement, etc).
  • Add notes to specific users who engage with you
  • Inbox-style interaction with tweets, posts, etc.
  • Message -> support ticket conversion
  • Mobile apps

How Important Are These Features For Your Business?

These features are particularly helpful as you get larger because it can be difficult to manage relationships with so many people. But as you hire virtual assistants or other employees, having separated interactions seamlessly with the clients would now be possible, and rather simple.

However, this generally only works well when the face of your company is your brand, and not necessarily yourself.

Sprout Social also tends to be more graphically advanced than Hootsuite (though, this is a matter of opinion). The statistics provided come out a lot more cleanly and streamlined which is a great feature as you grow.

What Are The Key Features Of HootSuite?


HootSuite is a more cost effective software that allows you to manage your social media with precision and automation that is amazing. It was made with the single user in mind. HootSuite does offer a multi-person option, however it’s really not as thorough as Sprout Social.

So let’s take a look at the key features of HootSuite.

  • Great clean interface
  • Individual and bulk status updates (spreadsheet upload)
  • Link analytics (engagement, clicks, etc)
  • Mobile apps
  • Functional weekly “reports”
  • Extremely affordable

How Important Are These Features For Your Business?

As a beginner, the features outlined above are crucial to your business but more importantly, they allow you as one person to control and analyze all of your social engagement.

However, my favorite feature about Hootsuite by far is the bulk post option. You can literally enter all of your status updates for weeks in advanced into a spreadsheet and import them into the HootSuite machine.

While HootSuite offers less streamlined statistical data than SproutSocial, the actual functionality of it is more expansive and at the cost you’re getting a great value.

So Which Is Better, HootSuite or SproutSocial?

For the beginner, I’d say that HootSuite seems to be the best option. As you grow larger and get a larger team, Sprout Social is an excellent candidate and can definitely be considered.

You can trial both social management systems and experiment. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the Suite you chooose; just get out there and get social!