Today, not only are people’s conversations getting shorter (status updates vs. emails) but they’re getting more versatile. People are doing many things on mobile from managing their bank accounts, to communicating with friends, to writing blog posts. The internet is expanding and if you’re not savvy and handheld, you’re in trouble before you start.

So how can you get social on your mobile device? Easy, get savvy about the apps that people are using, and get familiar with the tools that are going to make your life easier as someone managing social media.

Choosing Your Platforms

I recommend choosing 2-3 social media platforms to dominate. More than that tends to get hectic. Think about where your target audience is hanging out and go there. For most people, the top three are likely going to be Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The great thing about these three streams of media is that the functionality of them has been pretty streamlined recently. For example, the search and hash tag features are available on all of them now.

That said, it’s important you have a majority of ways to update all of these while you’re on the go. Keep in mind, each environment is different. On Twitter, it’s normal to post 1-3 times an hour; on Facebook, it’s annoying.

So, what are the recommendations?

Here is a general guideline…

>> Facebook: 1 Post every 3-4 hours
>> Twitter: 1-2 Posts per hour
>> Instagram: 1-4 Posts per day

Mobile Apps for Facebook

The main facebook apps that you’re going to want include are the primary social media management app (for example, HootSuite or SproutSocial), your regular Facebook app, and lastly, the Facebook Page Manager app. Remember, Facebook is going search friendly, use your hash tags and be sociable!

Mobile Apps for Twitter

Because Twitter requires the most attention and updates, and because it’s one of the hardest to get personal engagement on, it definitely has the most apps. However, there are a few that stand out above the rest.

>> Twitter official app
>> LazyShout Out (Get familiar with terms like “FF” for follow Friday – Use it!)
>> Manage Unfollowers

So, from this list, you’re probably asking yourself why you want to “manage unfollowers” – the answer is simple. When you’re following significantly more people than are following you, your account may look like a spam account.

One approach to increase your Twitter following is to follow at least five new people in your niche each day in hopes for reciprocation following. However, some of these people aren’t going to follow you back. Hence, the unfollower management is needed.

Mobile Apps for Instagram

Instagram is probably the easiest and even the most fun platform for social media. It’s literally taking pictures, throwing up some filters, and putting them in the digital stream. That said, you really only need the Instagram app itself. However, quote images and text images are making a big splash, so I recommend searching for a free app that allows you to create those so that when you have some wisdom, you can share it in style.