Unfortunately, Facebook pages don’t get all that much natural traffic through search — either from a search engine, or from Facebook users using the search functionality. Since that’s the case, traffic has to come from somewhere else, then we need to give visitors a reason to “like.”

Inevitably, getting more likes at your Facebook page is something that every page owner and admin wants and needs. The problem is that many people get stuck and have no idea how to keep growing their following. Let’s take a look at a few handy ways to grow your Facebook tribe.

Get The Word Out

One of the reasons that Facebook likes plateau is that people are often looking for some type of slick trick to get more likes, rather than going back to basics and doing some simple social activities. So this is definitely not about buying likes — as a matter of fact that will hurt your reach, since fake Facebook accounts can’t interact with your page, so no comments, likes, etc. Rather, this is about getting the word out.

Start Simple — Email

Think small. The first step is to put a link to your Facebook page or hyperlinked icon in your email signature. While that probably sounds pretty simple, that’s the idea. That signature touches a targeted group, namely those you interact with via email. Put a strong call to action, rather than just saying, “Like our Page on Facebook.” Ask yourself, “Why do I care,” about your call to action and if there’s something attractive in it for the recipient, great! If not, it’s time to rework that message so that your connections have a stronger reason to hit the like button.

An additional measure that can be done through email is to send out an invitation to your page. This can either be done through the Facebook Admin Panel or you can send an email of your own with a call to head over to the page and like it. Whenever you’re inviting others to your page, think about what benefit they get, and include that in your message.
Share Your Facebook Page

Invite Your Friends


Your friends is a good seed group to gain support at your Facebook page. There are two tools under the “Build Audience” feature in your Admin Panel that allow you to get your page in front of your friends.

The first is to invite friends. This will send an invite direct to each of the friends you specify. They’ll receive a notification once this is sent. You can target this audience by hand picking the friends you’d like to invite, or send it to all friends.

Another method that can be used is to “share page.” This will post an invitation, including a blurb on what the page is all about, on your timeline. Given how your whole audience will never see this by sharing it one time, this should be done with some regularity, as to attract new likes over time.

Lastly, among you’re existing contacts, try inviting your Twitter followers and other social connections to your Facebook page. By offering something exclusive to the Facebook page, there’s a reason to cross-convert contacts from other social channels.

Take It Offline

The last place that we’ll take our like-getting tactics to is offline. By this, I mean that you can focus on getting people over to your page from the “real world.” Including a mention and call to action on your business cards, signs and other print collateral, you’ll open up possibilities in a whole new realm.

Keep It Up

Stick with it and continue to put your Facebook page in front of your audience. By delivering value at the page, people will start to come and join your tribe. But remember, that will only happen if there’s plenty of chances, and reminders, to like your page.