Yahoo and Microsoft have had a long search partnership, and it has come to an end towards the early part of 2015. But, neither company has budged away from each other, and it has left many wondering about the next steps. On Friday, Microsoft and Yahoo announced a extension of 30 days on the matter.

The search partnership started in 2010, and was focused around Yahoo and Microsoft making a deal to team up against Google and others. February 23rd was the deadline for this deal to expire, but with new CEO’s at each company, many wondered about its future. We still don’t know, but it’s certainly worth following.

Yahoo and Microsoft Extend Search Deal By 30 Days

Yahoo’s Comments

In the comments on Friday, Yahoo announced that “We value our partnership with Microsoft and continue discussions about plans for the future. We have nothing further to announce at this time”. This tends to lead to something about a future extension of their partnership in some unofficial words.

Yahoo and Microsoft started this search deal as part of a 10 year pact, and with the main goal to take on Google. This was formed by then Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. These two have left, and Marissa Mayer and Satya Nadella now lead the respective companies today.

Microsoft's Search Deal With Google Gets 30 More Days Of Life

Yahoo Critical Of Deal But Listening

While Yahoo has been very critical of this deal since 2012, Microsoft has certainly been the beneiciary of the deal. Yahoo has been paying Microsoft for its search tools, and has had Bing results in the Yahoo pages since 2010. Yahoo even went to court in 2013 to break the deal, but with no success from the courts.

Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing both need each other to take on the mammoth Google. Webmasters though need all three companies to succeed, and give them the traffic and sources of traffic to build their sites and projects. No one can depend just on Google alone, and this type of partnership could be useful to all on the web today.

This search deal isn’t dead yet. Hopefully they work out the money details, and its renewed again soon.