Dublin has been an area that many tech companies have built upon in recent years. It’s corporate tax breaks has been the main reason to expand, but its strong breadth of talent is another reason. On Tuesday, Yahoo announced they are spending $12 million in Dublin, to build a new EMEA headquarters.

By investing in this new Dublin HQ, Yahoo will be getting a larger vision in Europe, and also be hiring more users in Dublin. Yahoo is looking to be hiring 450 new employees with this expansion, and the new facilities will be 78,000 square feet, meaning it will be seen throughout Dublin.

Yahoo Invests $12 Million In Dublin

Yahoo In Dublin and Ireland

Yahoo has invested this $12 million in Dublin, and has expanded its headcount from 320 to 450. They were formally opened in Dublin by Taoiseach Edna Kennedy, and shows Yahoo’s committment to Dublin and Ireland. Yahoo has been in Dublin since 2003, and has a number of users in Dublin for a wide number of services.

Yahoo’s Dublin offices house human resources, finance, ad operations, and customer support. Ireland is a hotspot for data centre’s in the country, and comments made by Pat Scully who heads the project were interesting. He stated that Yahoo is researching the option of buying one of these data centres.

Yahoo Expands Its Dublin Headquarters With Investment In Ireland

Yahoo’s Option To Build Data Centre’s In Dublin

While expanding the headcount in Dublin is important, the move to possibly buy datacentres in the country are more interesting. Yahoo has a datacentre in the country, but leases it in Dublin. Buy building one or buying one there, they are able to house and host its own information, plus build it out as much as needed.

Yahoo sees the low corporate tax rate, the large technical talent pool, and technical capabilities as reasons to expand in Dublin. Google, Apple, IBM, and other companies have large headquarters in Dublin as well. Yahoo’s commitment to Dublin is strong, and this is a huge plus for Yahoo’s global EU plans.

Yahoo loves the EU and this shows it. By investing $12 million there, they are getting bigger there and also saving on taxes as well.