Google introduced a new Google Contacts update this week, and Yahoo is quick to followup, and give users better access to their contacts. On Tuesday, Yahoo introduced its updates to Yahoo Contacts, which are presented as Contacts Cards in Yahoo Mail, and are pretty nifty overall.

The new Yahoo Contacts Card is meant to be viewed when composing emails in Yahoo Mail, which is still one of the top 5 email services used today. The updates are being powered by a purchase of Xobni done in 2013, and they make the Yahoo Contacts look nice. They are all live today to start using.

Yahoo Rolls Out Revised Yahoo Contact Cards For Users

Yahoo Contacts Card

The brand new Contact Cards will show contacts phone, title, email, and a photo of the contact. It will also link to social profiles, Facebook links, and even Flickr photos. The other part of interest is that the Contact Cards are supposed to pull the correct phone number for them, based on previous correspondence with them.

This whole new phone number integration is based on the phone number search ahead of tie, and then uses data science methods to verify with over 90 percent accuracy that the phone number belongs to the person. This will certainly make the Yahoo Contacts Card something to use, and try out as it rolls out to users.

Yahoo's Old Contact View Is Dead With New Yahoo Contact Cards Update

Yahoo Contact Cards With Actions

The Yahoo Contact Cards aren’t just stationary, but users can search for other emails to that person, compose an email to that contact, add them to their address book, edit the information about the contact, and lastly go their social networks. The Flickr integration requires them to sign up for it, along with Facebook.

The new and improved Yahoo Contact Cards are being rolled out to US users for now, and are going to be introduced to Yahoo’s global users over time. It is an exciting way for users to view and converse with contacts, and goes against Google and LinkedIn in this space. Contacts used to be boring, but aren’t anymore.

I’ve tried the new update and it’s pretty slick. Yahoo is getting more interesting by the day, and these updates matter a ton.