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Mozilla Makes Yandex As Search Engine In Turkey

Dave Amodt Mar 26, 2015
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Mozilla has had Google as its main search engine for its Firefox browser for sometime, but its investment with Yahoo has had the company make recent changes. On Wednesday, Mozilla announced that in Turkey, the default search engine would be changed, and the search engine chosen is Yandex.

By replacing Google as the default search engine in Turkey, Yandex is getting a lot of new users to use its service. The Russian version of the Firefox browser will feature Yandex as the dfault search provider, and is part of Mozilla’s expanding changing of search providers based on local users.

Firefox Chooses Yandex In Turkish Default Search Provider Move

Mozilla Expanding Local Partnerships

Mozilla made a corporate decision to make its browser as a browser for everyone, and as part of that, changed its ways about a single default search provider. By making the search provider more relevant to each country, Mozilla is trying to make Firefox more user friendly, and more local to users.

In Turkey, Yandex has a 60 percent market share, and it also has a number of products and services that surround the Internet. Yandex being the 4th largest search company on the planet, would only seem the perfect partner, and this brings Yandex a huge number of new customers using the Firefox browser from Mozilla.

Yandex's Milena Djuricic Makes Comments On Firefox's Move To Yandex In Turkish Regions

Yandex Loving Mozilla Decision

In comments from Milena Djuricic, Yandex’s COO, she stated that they are happy to partner with Mozilla, and they are proud that they were chosen to be the search provider. Ever since being in Turkey, Yandex has been fighting for the Turkish audience, and their efforts are working with this partnership with Mozilla.

Yandex is huge in this Turkish region, being the largest search provider in Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. These new changes to Mozilla will go live on the March 30th update to the browser, and should see Yandex get more traffic due to it. Turkish users can always switch away, but if they use Yandex now, it should only help Yandex grow.

Mozilla did the right thing by moving to Yandex in Turkey. If Yandex is the big fish there, then give the users the right choice, and they have here.

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