One of the strongest resources on the web today is the Google Webmasters site, and it gives webmasters an amazing set of free tools to use for their sites. Google has updated this site on Thursday, and it gives webmasters a new report for tracking, and updated the fetch & render tool.

Webmasters from the simplest site to the most advanced site, utilize the Google Webmasters site for their sites on an almost daily or weekly basis. With Google adding to the site, it continually shows that Google is looking out for webmasters with their sites, and looking after site owners too.

Google Webmaster Tools Gets New Blocked Resources Report

New Blocked Resources Report

Google launched the new Blocked Resources Report in the Google Webmaster Tools. This report will give webmasters more insight into which images are being blocked by Google. It could contain images, CSS, JavaScript, or other resources. It also shows which hosts are being blocked, and the list of blocked resources within that specified host.

Webmasters looking for additional details can click deeper in the report, and the Blocked Resources Report will show specific pages that embed those blocked resources. So, a webmaster could have a 50 page site, but only page 40 contains that problem. This new report will help webmasters solve this via this new report.

Google Webmaster Tools Updates Fetch and Render Tools

Fetch & Render Tool Is Updated

Additionally, Google updated the fetch and rendel tool within the Google Webmaster tools this week. This report shows how Google sees the site, but with the updated tools, it now shows how Google sees it versus how a users sees it, side by side. This will show how the Googlebot sees it, and how the user sees it.

For someone creating a site, managing a site, and showing off a site to clients, this fetch & render tool is a great thing. This can solve issues that influence why pages are seen differently by the Googlebot. It could take a few lines of code to fix, and the site could have major speed and image improvements immediately.

The Google Webmaster Tools are must haves on your bookmark lists. Check out the March updates, and see how they can fix your site today.