Google’s role to disrupt the computer industry continues by the day, and its Chrome operating system is continuing to grow with users. On Wednesday, Google unveiled the newest Google Chromebook Pixel, and also announced a new online store in London, which is a first for the company.

Google is certainly a company going in a number of directions, and has a number of goals on its list. By bringing out a new Pixel, they are updating the previous version, while showing off what it can do. With a retail store, they can actually sell its devices to the public without being just available online.

Google Launches New Chromebook Pixel For $999

New Chromebook Pixel From Google

For webmasters, the new Chromebook Pixel is certainly an interesting option. This premium Chromebook is meant to replace the work laptop, and has been redone from the bottom to the top. It features new Intel processors, storage options, more RAM, and upwards of a 12-hour battery for those looking for it.

Webmasters will be able to enjoy the simplicity of the Pixel, get a 2560 X 1700 touch display, be able to edit pages and apps on it, and pick it up for $999. It’s a premium Chromebook, but if your life is in Google, its the best option. It also features the new USB-C port, and improved functionality as well.

Google Opens New London Store To Showcase Services and Products

New Google Store In London Opens

If the Chromebook Pixel weren’t enough, Google opened up its first retail only store in London, housed within the Dixons Carphone store in Tottenham. This store is meant to show off the world of Google, and all of its products. Users can experience the entire Google world in one place, and enjoy it there.

Google has been talking about a retail store for around two years, and the US experience just hasn’t happen. The UK store is close to the Apple Store in London, and is primed to host classes and events there as well. It’s a test for Google, but according to reports has already had lines out the door.

Google announced a new laptop and a new store. Google is rolling out things quickly, and webmasters and users just need to check daily for new things from them.