Google’s Google Now has been hugely popular on the Android platform, and has given iOS users a fun way to enjoy it as well. News about it taking on Siri and Cortana circulated over the weekend, and on Monday was true. Google is opening up the Google Now API, giving developers new ways to entice users.

The Google Now platform is all about giving user on demand information, and giving them cards that are of relevance to them. From sports scores, weather updates, shipping updates, and more. By giving developers and webmaster access to the API, it mens more content will be available to see on Google Now.

Google Now Opens API For Future Personalized Notifications and More

An Open Google Now API?

Google announced that they will be unveiling a new open-API for developers to build for Google Now. It is ideally made for apps to use, but web pages and more could be seen to hopefully interact with it as well. There are approximately 40 services that work with it now, but could be multiplied by the hundreds soon.

Some question whether or not opening this API to Google Now is a good thing, or a bad thing. It could create a multitude of apps and web pages interacting with Google Now, and overloading users with messages. Or, as many think, it can make Google Now into a better experience and one that Android is particularly made for.

Google Seen To Open Up Google Now API To Developers

Improved Notifications

Along with opening up the Google Now API to developers, Google wants to also give users more personalized notifications, and this plan is over the next six to twelve months. It is planning to use more logic and other things to make Google Now cards more exciting for users, and something that users will embrace more.

Google Now is something that users either like or don’t like. I personally love it, and use it with my Android Wear watch and my HTC M8 Android Phone. It is highly personalized for my sports, stocks, and purchases from Amazon. But, if it could be made better, I’m certainly listening and eagerly awaiting it.

Google Now is a perfect addition to Android. Webmasters and developers though will be able to give users more, and hopefully soon from Google.