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Google Now Analyzing Apps That Arrive In App Store

Dave Amodt Mar 18, 2015
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The Google Play Store has been widely successful for app developers, and while it doesn’t have the tight security of Apple’s iTunes, it gives developers immediate access to launch their apps. On Tuesday, Google announced that will be changing, with the launch of human reviewers prior to app launches.

Google since the beginning of the Google Play Store, has allowed developers to launch apps immediately in the Google Plat Store. While this has been great for developers, this has led to questions in security, age appropriate apps hitting the store, and questions in Google’s involvement in the store.

Google Announces New App Review System With Google Play Store Submissions

New Human Reviewers

With the announcement on Tuesday, Google stated that they actually have had human reviewers analzing new submissions for a few months. These internal reviewers make sure that the apps work, do not violate policy violations, and make sure that they do not cause harm to users on Android devices.

This makes sure that the new apps get vetted first, and take a few days to go through the motions so to speak. Apple has had this review process since the beginning, and does it best to make sure problematic apps stay away from consumers. Developers might not like this, but it keeps Google Play safe.

Google Announces Age Based Ratings System For Google Play Store Apps and Games

Age Based Ratings System Launches

In addition to the news about the human reviewers, Google also announced the new rollout of a age-based ratings system for apps and games on the Google Play Store. It will follow the ratings of the ERSB in the United States, and will make sure appropriate apps get into the hands of those ready for those apps and games.

Google will be rolling out rankings of E, T, and M for everyone, teen, and mature audiences. This will enable a system that will keep developers away from being to edit their ratings, and Google as the keeper of ratings on these games and apps. It should be rolled out shortly, and should help the Google Play Store get stronger.

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