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Google Introduces Next Generation Of Android 5.1

Dave Amodt Mar 10, 2015
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As many thought that Monday was Apple’s day to shine with their introduction of the Apple Watch, Google had something up their sleeves as well. They introduced the latest version of Android, and version 5.1 brings a number of improvements to the leading mobile operating phone system.

The latest and greatest version of Android is something that Google has teased for a while, and it brings users some needed improvements. It is scheduled to be launched over the next few weeks to Google branded phones, and is up to carriers on when they update their phones with it as well.

Google Trumps Apple With Android 5.1 Update

What’s Inside Android 5.1

With Android 5.1, Google is giving users a number of much needed bug fixes that have been haunting the Lollipop version of Android. The stability and performance improvements will be noted, and will also give users a more stable operating system for their phones, making Android a leader from Google.

Inside Android 5.1, Google is giving users support for multiple SIM slots, HD voice, a security feature called Device Protection, and a few other features that Google isn’t sharing until its officially out. It’s being rolled out, but users will be pressing refresh on their phones daily until they get it.

Google Puts Android 5.1 Out For Nexus 6 Phones And More

Other Google 5.1 Updates

As noted on their official Google blog, Android 5.1 Lollipop also includes enhancements such as the ability to join Wi-Fi Networks and control of your paired Bluetooth devices directly from the Quick Settings menu. This is a huge improvement for those who use Bluetooth daily, and a big plus from Google fans.

The HD voice is going to be available on the Nexus 6 initially from T-Mobile or Verizon, and will slowly make its way to other Android phones as well. This means that calls will be delivered with greater clarity, accuracy, and with better sound than before. We hope to see this rolled out quickly everywhere.

Google picked a great day to launch Android 5.1. It saw Apple have its day, and slowed them down with a little news of their own.

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