As Yandex files its complaints in Russia concerning the possibility of Google’s antitrust actions in the country, Google is quickly gaining on Yandex in the country. A report came out this week talking about how Google is doing it, and at the expense on Yandex and its lack of caring.

Yandex for the longest period of time has been the dominant search company in Russia, but its focus has been on the desktop user. As Google makes its way in the country, via Android and the mobile platforms, its gaining traction amongst the Russian mobile user market and getting their searches.

Yandex and Google Fight For Russian Marketshare In 2015

Google 23 Percent In Russian Mobile

The Bloomberg report this week talked about Google’s place in the Russian mobile market. In the report, Google is reported to have 23 percent of the total daily mobile audience in Russia, and major Russian cities. Yandex right now only has 16 percent of these users, and this is major news for Yandex.

Android though is the major factor on why Google is winning in Russia, as Android has an estimated 75+ percent marketshare in Russia. IDC reported that Android is selling over virtually any other mobile platform in Russia. Russia’s difficult political climate is also getting users to look elsewhere than Yandex.

Russia and Russian FAS To Decide On Google's Antitrust Issues In Country

Expected Ruling To Decide Fate

With Yandex forcing their complaint against Google in the Russian markets, a decision is expected soon regarding to whether Google has an unfair advantage in the country. Yandex thinks that Google’s bundling of services and not allowing Yandex and others to join in, is unfair and against Russian law.

An April date is expected by Russia’s FAS, and that could decide a huge fate of the mobile market in Russia. Yandex has a lot of its future based on this decision, and is finding the Russian/Ukraine problems, currency issues, and other Russia economic problems affecting them. Whether or not Yandex wins though is up to the FAS in Moscow.

Yandex is ignoring mobile users, and Google is eating their lunch. Yandex now only sees the courts as their savior, and this could be costly, or be victorious in their view.