The cloud is the next big play for a number of companies, and companies like Google and Amazon are the leaders in this market. As Microsoft makes moves with Microsoft Azure, Google realizes that their Google Cloud Platform needs updates as well. On Thursday, developers and webmasters should take a closer look at it.

Late on Thursday, Google announced that their Google Cloud Platform now includes over 120 popular open-source pacakges to install, with just a few button clicks. These programs are ranging from WordPress to Cassandra, MongoDB to Drupal, and others from within the choices to choose from.

Google Gives Developers and Webmasters 120 Applications To Deploy

Google Teams With Bitnami

To get these 120 open-source programs up on the Google Cloud Platform, Google teamed up with Bitnami. These 120 new programs are available to install with just a a few clicks, and are some of the largest open-source programs around. Webmasters and developers can get these up and going within seconds.

Google’s Cloud Platform is growing quickly, and they are getting developers and webmasters attentions with its infrastructure plays. Users will no longer have to spend hours configuring servers and coming up with sources to find these programs, and can choose Google and click away on the installations they choose.

Google's Cloud Platform Gets Bigger With Apps For Launching In Open Source Move

Google’s Battles With Cloud Players

These latest additions from Google clearly go after Amazon and Microsoft’s Azure services, and they should be successful in getting developers and webmasters to try them out. Google will be rolling out these programs to combine with their Cloud Monitoring service, making sure that enterprise customers get the best security around.

Google’s teaming up with Bitnami gives their Cloud Platform service even more strength, and gets enterprise customers looking to host with Google in their pockets. With up to 120 different program to choose from, any developer or webmaster can host their site, database, or developer tools there quite easily.

Google’s Cloud Platform service is real and interesting. With these new programs, it means deploying them is just a few clicks away.