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WordPress SQL Query: Select And Delete Posts Between Two Dates

Oliver Krautscheid - Apr 08, 2017

If you are wondering how to delete posts for a certain date, you will need to know how Wordpress stores posts in its…

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10 Steps To Configure Nginx For WordPress, Drop Varnish And Cut Your CPU Load By 50%

Oliver Krautscheid - Oct 10, 2016

Are you using Varnish on your Wordpress blog? Possibly the Varnish script by Unixy? Great! Get rid off it. Here's why you should…

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30 Best Project Management Tools: Time, Budget And Expense Tracking

Oliver Krautscheid - Oct 05, 2016

The following is a compilation of the 30 most useful project management tools to keep track of your expenses, time, budget, invoices, colleagues,…

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Top 9 WordPress Themes for Photographers

Keith Lock - Oct 05, 2016

If you are a photographer building a blog, it is important that the layout you choose allows you to display your work in…

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35 Best Free WordPress Plugins of All Time (And For 2017)

Oliver Krautscheid - Oct 05, 2016

WordPress is one of the best free content management systems / blog system that powers millions of websites and an incredibly high percentage…

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How To Use Git On Windows Via Putty / Pageant

Oliver Krautscheid - Oct 19, 2015

Git is a common versioning tool. For a long time I preferred SVN on Windows, but git fully supports Windows SSH connections via…

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CentOS: “Conflicts with file from package python-crypto-2.0.1-22.el6.x86_64”

Oliver Krautscheid - Oct 19, 2015

This is another CentOS report to help fellow CentOS users. Here's a workaround for the error "Conflicts with file from package". (more…)

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Top 10 Productivity Tools for Webmasters

Keith Lock - Jul 18, 2015

A productivity tool is a piece of software that can help you increase work efficiency by streamlining your daily tasks. A variety of…

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How To Install Epel Repo on CentOS 6 or 7

Oliver Krautscheid - Jul 18, 2015

CentOS is one of the most reliable server operating systems. However, even CentOS does not include all RPM's required to run and administrate…

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Dev: How To Install CentOS, Nginx, MySQL, PHP On VirtualBox From Official RPM

Oliver Krautscheid - Jul 18, 2015

In this guide, I want to take a closer look at VirtualBox and how you can quickly set up a CentOS box with…

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DU: How To Validate Linux Server Backups Using Directory Size

Oliver Krautscheid - Jul 18, 2015

Rsync is a pretty reliable tool to sync files from your server to a remote server, but how would you validate that all…

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5 Tips On Dealing With Nay-Sayers, Scammers, Setbacks When You’re Just Starting Out

Oliver Krautscheid - Jul 14, 2015

As an online entrepreneur you will encounter all sorts of people online including scammers, lazy freelancers, unreliable contractors and what not. And you…

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How To Install XDebug On CentOS 6.X / WHM Server, Configure PHPStorm And Forward Firewall Ports

Oliver Krautscheid - Jun 04, 2015

If you want to debug PHP sites, you need to install a great deal of programs and you need a decent IDE. In…

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5 Reasons To Drop WordPress SEO Plugin Today

Oliver Krautscheid - May 10, 2015

Wondering how reliable the Wordpress SEO plugin is and whether you should ditch it or not? (more…)

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Top 5 Giveaway Tools for a WordPress Blogger

Keith Lock - May 06, 2015

Every successful blogger knows that updating your blog with engaging material on a regular basis is a must if you want to grow…

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How To Block Xovi, Xenu And The Entire Hetzner IP Range

Oliver Krautscheid - May 02, 2015

Xovi and Xenu are greedy tools that can affect smaller servers, but even larger servers should block them to avoid prying eyes. (more…)

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How To Programmatically Create Posts In WordPress Using Multi-Dimensional Array Created From Files (Scandir)

Oliver Krautscheid - Apr 24, 2015

As a site owner you will often find yourself in situations where you have to import large datasets. It can be incredibly useful…

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22 Ways To Make Your Website Faster: The Ultimate Checklist For Small Businesses

Oliver Krautscheid - Apr 23, 2015

For further instructions on how to make your website faster, click on the toggle buttons to retrieve additional input. (more…)

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A Quick Word To WordPress Users On Mobilegeddon Day: Security Update Using List Of Revised Files

Oliver Krautscheid - Apr 21, 2015

Wordpress has issued a security release. Rather than replacing all of your Wordpress file to upgrade the CMS, you can only replace the…

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WordPress: Page Template Box Disappears (Causes) And Moving Page Templates Into Sub-Folders

Oliver Krautscheid - Mar 18, 2015

This is just a quick fix for this annoying Wordpress bug. (more…)