17 Jan

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Baidu Clears Up Online Names Policy With 60,000 Deletions

Dave Amodt - Mar 03, 2015

In China, the policy of using your real name has been something discussed, and finally became a law on Sunday, March 1st. With…

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Is The Yahoo and Microsoft Search Marriage Dead?

Dave Amodt - Mar 03, 2015

Microsoft signed a 5-year search deal with Yahoo, and while Steve Ballmer signed this original deal, the renewal of the search deal has…

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Baidu Releases Baidu Cleaner For Windows

Dave Amodt - Feb 27, 2015

Proving its more than just the biggest search engine in China, Baidu is out in the world to make computers quicker and faster.…

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Yahoo Gaining On Yahoo With January Seach Number Report

Dave Amodt - Feb 26, 2015

As Yahoo ramps up their competition against Google, the latest search engine reports are showing that Yahoo is actually making headway. Comscore this…

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Is Google Testing Live Chat Features With Businesses?

Dave Amodt - Feb 25, 2015

If you run a business page as a webmaster, or work with businesses to build their pages, getting customer interaction is very important.…

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Google Makes Deals For Digital Wallets On Mobile

Dave Amodt - Feb 25, 2015

Google's Wallet product has been troubling for many to use, and as Apple Pay has taken off, its been even harder to implement.…

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Google Mobile Search Brings News Sources To Mobile App

Dave Amodt - Feb 21, 2015

Google knows that searching the web on the mobile device, is gaining in traction by the day. But, as people search with the…

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Yahoo Introduces Mobile Development Suite For Developers

Dave Amodt - Feb 21, 2015

Yahoo hosted their very first mobile developer conference on Thursday, and it had a ton of news to cover during their keynote. Marissa…

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Yandex Launches Antitrust Probe Against Google

Dave Amodt - Feb 19, 2015

It's no secret that Yandex and Google aren't the best of friends, and the two companies have sparred recently over users and their…

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Google Launches Chinese Language Develeoper Channel on YouTube

Dave Amodt - Feb 18, 2015

Google is a company that knows its brand is global, but as it grows around the world, its users speak more than English.…

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Google Shutters Helpouts On April 20th

Dave Amodt - Feb 17, 2015

Google has been working on a number of projects and launches them at will. Some of them work, and some of them fail.…

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Baidu’s Desktop Users Turn To Mobile With Estimates Release

Dave Amodt - Feb 16, 2015

Baidu is the default Chinese search provider for many Chinese users, and its main users have been desktop users for the longest time.…

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Blucora Fizzles As Fourth Quarter Earnings Dissapoint

Dave Amodt - Feb 13, 2015

Blucora is an interesting company in somewhat of a peril, and their investors are starting to feel the pain of the experience as…

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Yahoo Has Best Data In Industry According To Marissa Mayer

Dave Amodt - Feb 12, 2015

With the growth of Yahoo over the past year, it's not a surprise that the data they gather is getting advertisers interest. The…

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Google Gaining In Russia On Yandex

Dave Amodt - Feb 11, 2015

The Russian Internet market has been controlled by Yandex almost since the beginning, and its dominiance in the country has helped it succeed.…

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Baidu Restructures Itself Into Three Groups

Dave Amodt - Feb 10, 2015

Baidu has transformed itself into a major global brand, and one that has truly gone beyond the search engine company it started as.…

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Yahoo Increases US Search Share In January Search Reports

Dave Amodt - Feb 05, 2015

We have talked about how Yahoo is gaining on Google in search numbers, but as the new 2015 occurred, many wondered if their…

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Yahoo To Spin Off Small Business With Alibaba Stake

Dave Amodt - Feb 04, 2015

As soon as the Yahoo move last week was made, many wondered which part of Yahoo would be separated from the company. It…

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Baidu Hosts Big Talk To Share Findings With Journalists

Dave Amodt - Feb 03, 2015

As we have talked about in the past, Baidu is quickly becoming a huge company to watch on the Internet and in China.…