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4 Things That Need To Happen For New gTLDs To Become Mainstream

Oliver Krautscheid - Jul 18, 2015

As an early adopter of new gTLDs, I have done a lot of research on the potential outlook of them. Right now they…

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Yahoo and Microsoft Extend Search Deal For 30 More Days

Dave Amodt - Mar 29, 2015

Yahoo and Microsoft have had a long search partnership, and it has come to an end towards the early part of 2015. But,…

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Google Cloud Launches Gets 120 Packages For Launching

Dave Amodt - Mar 27, 2015

The cloud is the next big play for a number of companies, and companies like Google and Amazon are the leaders in this…

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Mozilla Makes Yandex As Search Engine In Turkey

Dave Amodt - Mar 26, 2015

Mozilla has had Google as its main search engine for its Firefox browser for sometime, but its investment with Yahoo has had the…

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Yahoo Invest $12 Million In New Dublin HQ

Dave Amodt - Mar 26, 2015

Dublin has been an area that many tech companies have built upon in recent years. It's corporate tax breaks has been the main…

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Google Opening Up Google Now API To Developers

Dave Amodt - Mar 24, 2015

Google's Google Now has been hugely popular on the Android platform, and has given iOS users a fun way to enjoy it as…

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Does Google Abuse Its Power On The Web?

Dave Amodt - Mar 23, 2015

Many who love and use Google on a daily basis, use it like a relgion, and I do as well. I use Gmail,…

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Baidu Enters Used Car Market In China

Dave Amodt - Mar 20, 2015

As we have noted in a series of posts about Baidu, the company certainly has its fingers in a lot of different investments.…

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Yahoo To Close Beijing Research Centers To Downsize

Dave Amodt - Mar 19, 2015

Yahoo's global footprint is clearly known around the world, and their global employee numbers are some of the highest in the tech industry.…

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Google Now Analyzing Apps That Arrive In App Store

Dave Amodt - Mar 18, 2015

The Google Play Store has been widely successful for app developers, and while it doesn't have the tight security of Apple's iTunes, it…

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Yandex Teams Up With Opia To Offer Web Payment Solutions

Dave Amodt - Mar 17, 2015

Yandex is a company in somewhat of a perilous situation, and one that is seeing its marketshare in Russia decline. While it is…

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Yahoo Unveils Plans For Easier Passwords Via On-Demand Methods

Dave Amodt - Mar 16, 2015

Yahoo is constantly updating and evolving its systems, and during this weeks South By Southwest Show, it caught a lot of peoples attentions.…

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Google Webmaster Tools Gains New Tools For Webmasters

Dave Amodt - Mar 13, 2015

One of the strongest resources on the web today is the Google Webmasters site, and it gives webmasters an amazing set of free…

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Google Opens First Retail Store Plus Shows Off New Pixel

Dave Amodt - Mar 12, 2015

Google's role to disrupt the computer industry continues by the day, and its Chrome operating system is continuing to grow with users. On…

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Baidu To Introduce Self Driving Car This Year

Dave Amodt - Mar 11, 2015

Baidu has clearly gone from just an Internet search company, to one of the bigger think tanks in the world, and it clearly…

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Google Introduces Next Generation Of Android 5.1

Dave Amodt - Mar 10, 2015

As many thought that Monday was Apple's day to shine with their introduction of the Apple Watch, Google had something up their sleeves…

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Demand Media Surprises Many With Earnings Reports

Dave Amodt - Mar 08, 2015

Demand Media has been a company that has had troubling times as of late, and its latest earnings call was going to be…

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Google Launches Auto Insurance Comparison Tools

Dave Amodt - Mar 06, 2015

Webmasters who have auto insurance sites, generally get decent traffic, and reap in big rewards from the advertisers who often appear on their…

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Yahoo Introduces New Contact Cards

Dave Amodt - Mar 06, 2015

Google introduced a new Google Contacts update this week, and Yahoo is quick to followup, and give users better access to their contacts.…

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Google Gaining On Yandex In Russia

Dave Amodt - Mar 04, 2015

As Yandex files its complaints in Russia concerning the possibility of Google's antitrust actions in the country, Google is quickly gaining on Yandex…