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5 Habits of Blogs that Make Money

Tony-Zayas Nov 20, 2013
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It’s common for bloggers to hit a wall where they feel like they aren’t growing their reach or traffic volume like they had at one point. If you you’ve reached a lull in your blogging efforts, here are some practices to incorporate and get back on track. ?

1 – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Often, bloggers become comfortable in the topics and content they blog about. While focused blogging is good, sometimes sticking in that comfort zone can be detrimental, especially when the results aren’t there. Step outside of the box for a second and consider what you can do to create brand new perspectives that will open up your viewers eyes and may connect on a deeper level with others. If you’re in a lull, don’t go back to the routine when you’re laying out your content schedule.

2 – Open Up and Get Deep

Sometimes it’s the voice that fizzles, which is common for those who blog regularly and consistently. It may be a matter of becoming more expressive and showing more of your deeper thoughts, insights and opinions on your subject matter that will shake things up and get you back in flow.

3 – Get Serious About Engagement

Engagement can be such a meaningless buzzword. But in reality, it is so incredibly important to connect with your readers — they make your blog successful. Don’t take comments and social mentions for granted, go and interact with those who give you feedback, whether it be good, bad or indifferent. When conversations begin, others start to listen and this could be just what your blog needs.

4 – Stay On Track

Organizational skills are very important to be successful with blogging. Using and sticking to a strict content calendar is a necessity to keep regular, well thought out and researched posts flowing effectively. Keeping your content focused, as well, with all of the posts going on and considerate of the big picture and purpose of your site is important, as well. And, of course, tracking all of your blog promotion steps to be able to track activity and see where the results are coming from is another one that takes good organization and follow through.

5 – Mix It Up

Publishing varied content is important to attract a wide spectrum of viewers. While a blog should have some consistency in content delivery, it would behoove you to incorporate visual elements such as infographics and vivid images. Including MP3 podcast audios or video blog posts is a great way to make new content stand out, especially if you’ve been consistently publishing text only.

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